MCPE SEED: Awesome seed

Awesome seed
Awesome seed
Awesome seed
Awesome seed

Once spawned, fly straight up and fly towards the tall trees shown in picture. Keep going straight until you find a cave on the ground that is slightly to your left and looks like the cave on the other picture. Go into this hole and turn right to go into the cave (last photo). Explore the cave! I found redstone, diamonds, lots of coal/ iron ore, some gold, lapis lazuli, lava, and waterfalls.

MCPE SEEDs: 4 villages / 3 blackmith / 3 diamonds

3 villages

  • You will find a village when you look to your left and walk over there.
  • Keep going forward you will find a second village.
  • Then you will find the third village if go to your write and walk over there.
  • The fourth one is next to the forest you’ll see.

How to find diamonds:

  • Dig straight down until you hit a cave.
  • Go forward (keep going forward)
  • Then you turn your right.
  • You will see lava and the diamonds