Minecraft PE Seeds -114373476: Double Snow Village & Forests

This seed includes three different villages very close to spawn (two of which make a huge snow village). Besides that there are also lots of different forests with more than enough wood to last a lifetime. It’s a great seed if you want to start a new adventure in a world where important resources are plenty and your survival guaranteed.

Found by:

MightyMapExplorer, Twitter

Double Snow Village Seed for Mcpe

You will spawn in front of a normal village with a blacksmith. But that isn’t really a big attraction in this seed. Instead turn to your left and continue walking in that direction for a while.


Continue alongside the river on your left until you reach the snow village.


The reason why we can tell it is a double village is because there are two water wells. Normally there is one well per village in Minecraft.


In one part of the snow village there is a blacksmith. Here are the items which you will find in the chest:

  • 3 gold ingots
  • 1 iron sword
  • 1 iron leggings
  • 1 saddle


Here’s an overview of this part of the seed. You can see the village which you spawn in front on the left. And then on the right you can see the double village.


There are lots of different forests surrounding the double village. Here’s an enormous spruce forest.


And here’s an oak forest.


And if that wasn’t enough here’s a taiga forest.


And a birch forest!


Code for Double Snow Village Seed for Mcpe



Minecraft PE Seeds: Double Ocean Monument

Double Ocean Monument!!!!

This seed is really unique as it generates a double ocean monument (or rather two ocean monuments next to each other) very close to spawn. One of them look quite weird as parts of it has been destroyed. This is likely due to the fact that it’s been cut off by the other monument. To use this seed you will need version 0.15.9 or above of Minecraft Pocket Edition.



Check out his twitter here

Once you’ve spawned make sure to drink a potion of night vision. That’s assuming you are in creative mode. It will still be possible to find the ocean monuments if you are in survival but it will be a little bit more difficult.

The spawn is on a medium sized island. Position yourself as seen in the image down below and then fly straight forward.


After a while of flying you should be able to spot the outlining of the two ocean monuments.


The monuments have been generated right next to each other creating this very rare seed. Here you can see one part of the monument which has been destroyed for some reason, probably due to some generation error.double-ocean-monument-1


Using Seeds for Minecraft PE

Find the name of the seed you want to install
Open Minecraft/blocklauncher
Go to create world
Advanced Options
Enter the name of the seed in the seed field.
You’re good to go, have fun!

Double Ocean Monument Seed

Seed: -1528394888 (requires 0.15.9/0.16.0+)