SEEDs for Minecraft PE: Desert Explorer with Village

Desert Explorer with Village
Desert Explorer with Village

Seed name is treehouse

Spawn on grass surrounded by desert. Walk foward untill you get over a small hill, Desert village will be across the river. That Desert Survival tho!

Blacksmith Loot as follows:

  • 1 Iron Chestplate
  • 5 Bread
  • 2 Saddle
  • 6 Ink Sac
  • 6 Obsidian

Even though theres alot of desert around you, there is alot of caves to explore. They are rich in ore and coal, plus theres a lava pit nearby (forgot where exactly). A word a caution! Bring enough axes to dig yourselve out! A good amount of torches as well, also some of the caves have big drops. Overall I must say I spent a good amount of time exploring. The village was just a place to put a bed and use it as respawn point (also got lazy and didnt build a house just put a door on the blacksmith house).

works with Survival and Creative, must be in Infinite mode.